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about me

Height: 166cm   |   Eye Color: Hazel   |   Hair Color: Light Brown

Highly Trained in the following disciplines - Static Trapeze, Duo Trapeze (catcher), Cradle (catcher), Flying Trapeze (Catcher), German Wheel, Clown, Group Bike, Toss the Girl, Hula Hoops, Skipping, Aerial Chains, Aerial Hammock, Piano.


Some training in the following disciplines - Harness/Aerial Wall work, Chinese
Pole, Pitching, Juggling, Hoop Diving, Pyramids, Dance, Guitar, Ukulele, Clarinet.



Comedy  |   The Iron Maiden  |   Since 2017   |   Strong Woman

Children's   |   The Very Circusy Caterpillar   |   Since 2011   |   Clown

Street  |   The Big Wheel Show   |  Since  2012  |   Acrobat


Cabaret Act    |   The Trick Ponies          |   2006-2012  |  Trapeze Catcher

Children's Theatre  |   Dinosaur Time Machine   |   2017  |   Actor

Outdoor Performance   |   Super Circus Squad   |   2018  |   Acrobat and Aerialist


Pants Down Circus   |   Pants Down Circus ROCK!   |   2014-2017  |   Strong Woman

Circus Quirkus   |   Circus Quirkus   |   2012 - 2015  |  German Wheel, Trapeze and MC

Pants Down Circus   |   Pants Down Circus   |   2012-2014  |   Strong Woman

Teaching experience

The Circus Spot   |   Senior Trainer   |   Since 2011

Circus Oz   |   Senior Trainer   |   2012 - 2015

Westside Circus   |   Senior Trainer   |   2011

Melbourne Women's Circus   |   Specialty Trainer   |   2010-2015

National Institute of Circus Arts   |   Assisting Trainer   |   2008-2010

Flipside Circus   |   Senior Trainer   |   2002 - 2008

Producing experience 

Pants Down Circus - 2012 - present
I was a founding member of my own professional touring company Pants Down Circus
which was founded in 2012. This has required me to become familiar with the legal
requirements of running a company including the legal nature of partnerships.
I secured and managed the following tours for Pants Down Circus
• 2014 – WA Circus Festival
o Perth Fringe Festival
o Adelaide Fringe Festival
o Edinburgh Fringe Festival
o Singapore
• 2015 – Recklinghausen Fringe (Germany)
o Regional Victoria
• 2016 – Regional Queensland
o Netherlands
• 2017 - USA (Florida, Virginia and Michigan)
o Christchurch World Buskers Festival (New Zealand)
In managing the tours of Pants Down Circus I was required to take responsibility for:
• Creative development of the production
• Applications for funding and negotiation of contracts
• Coordination of all production requirements such as staging, lighting and rigging
• Managing tour budgets
• Researching and confirming logistics and itineraries
• Marketing and publicity - including print media, social media, television and radio
• Reporting to funding bodies
• Communicating with supporting partners such as Auspicious Arts
• Strategic networking to ensure ongoing work throughout Europe and North America
from 2014 - 2017

Solo Performer 2011-present
I also have toured other shows of my own including
• 2012 – Regional NSW - The Very Circusy Caterpillar
• 2016 - Adelaide Fringe - The Loneliest Number
• 2017 - Canada (Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Ottawa and Edmonton)– The Big Wheel
As a solo performer I have all of the management responsibilities already listed above but
carry an additional load with pitching, networking and marketing.


Bachelor of Circus Arts Swinburne University 2009
High Risk Work License 2010 (Rigging)
First Aid Certificate
Current Working With Children’s Check


  • Finalist Gasworks Circus Showdown 2016 with The Loneliest Number (solo).

  • "Best Circus Show" Nominee with The Loneliest Number at the  Melbourne Fringe Festival 2016.

  • Won “Best Circus Show” with Pants Down Circus ROCK at the Adelaide Fringe Weekly Awards 2015.

  • Awarded the prize for “Best Emerging Circus Performer” at the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2012.

  • Won “Best Circus Show” with Pants Down Circus at the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2012.

  • Awarded Australia Council for the Arts 'ArtStart' Grant for Emerging Artists. In order to pursue professional development in Europe July-August 2010.

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