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Hannah spends most of her time traveling around the country and the world entertaining audiences of all shapes and sizes. A graduate of Flipside Youth Circus and The National Institute of Circus Arts, she had many successes in her career. 


She has created 3 solo shows which have toured both nationally and internationally. She has been nominated for and won multiple awards at Fringe Festivals sometimes winning multiple awards in one festival. In 2011 Hannah was invited to contribute to an internationally renown creative development program in Spain and in 2013 she performed for the royal family of Brunei. 2014 saw Hannah take her first independently created and produced production (Pants Down Circus ROCK) to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where it received rave reviews and standing ovations continuing on to tour extensively around Australia and across 4 continents receiving numerous awards along the way. In 2015 she completed the first of many international tours with her solo street theatre show celebrating strong mothers (The Big Wheel Show), which encourages audiences to appreciate the power of the women in their own families. On the back of the success of The Big Wheel Show Hannah created 2 more shows that address a similar message. With the exception of a short break in 2019 to become a mother herself, Hannah has been touring ever since. 


Hannah is a strong woman, acrobat, aerialist, base, clown, street performer, teacher and mother. Circus is her life. 


The Big Wheel Show

The show with a big personality, Hannah has brought her friend Cornelius the massive German Wheel to the street. A show of circles, you’ll see Hannah contorting herself through rings, spinning and rolling through the wheel and engaging audiences with her affable personality and light-hearted banter. A show that seriously runs rings around the competition, your head will spin while your hands turn rounds of applause. 

A multi-award winning circus performer, and a rare solo female street act, Hannah’s unique skills are a sight to behold. Separating herself from the pack after graduating from the National Institute of Circus Arts, Hannah has trained in Spain and Canada and performed her street-show all around the world. But, you’ll find, dazzling and death defying are all in a day’s work for Hannah. 




Tel: +61431022309

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What does is take to be a modern day strong woman? Training, focus, confidence, a hell of a lot of hairspray and for some reason, a step ladder.


Circus strong woman collides with 80s tribute act in an explosion of circus, strength and silliness.

Melbourne Fringe 2016 BEST CIRCUS Nominee


Take me down to Paradise City. This is a high velocity, hilarious, head banging, love affair with classic 80s rock, and spangly costumes. Hannah Cryle is charming and engaging, getting side splitting input from her volunteers, while effortlessly drawing the entire audience in to share in her joyful exploration of this popular song.


The Iron Maiden
Paradise City
Feats of Strength

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